Yeen Kno!!!

i am a terrible person….but of course you know that. whatever couple of a few readers that i mighta have have surely abondoned me cause i’m so lazy that i can’t update my blog on a regular basis. i’m going to get better, really i am. in the meantime i gotta do this recap thing again. as if you care. *sigh*

Thusday, 2/23 was SUPER STYLEWARZ!! I always have such a great time. Congratulations to EJ on his SUPER win. (I am soooo corny, but at least I know it.)

Friday, 2/24th I meant to write about Amazon Prime and ask folks to help me debate on whether I should put out the $79 for a year of *free* 2 day shipping. But I couldn’t get a few minute to write that post. I did take a free minute to cancel that shit tho.

Monday, 2/27th was my older brother’s, (read: cousin) 40th Birthday. Jeez man. Stop aging!

Sunday 3/5 was a pretty perfect day. We had the season’s first “Sunday Social” at our house. Food, folks, and fun. Nothing like a good “the problem with black men/women/relationships” argument over crabs and wine. Later that night Three 6 Mafia made history and did the M-town proud by winning the Oscar for Best Original Song. I’m not sure what was better, the fact that they won the Academy Award or the fact that those hater northern hip hop heads have to suck that shit up and watch America rain accolades on Southern Rap. Just like Dave Chappelle made it ok to refer to folks as “bitches”, Three 6 has stuck the word “pimp” right smack in the middle of right white vernacular. Love it!

Tuesday, 3/7 was Tif and my 5 year anniversary!! I know, that’s like, forever right? Happy Anniversary to my honey and thanks for a great night. (Really honey, we should look up the actual rules to strip poker before next year. Isn’t there some bluffing involved or something?)

This weekend my mother and sister will be visiting from Memphis. They’ll get a presenation on Tif’s dream wedding plans, a tour of the requisite tourist attractions and a little something I like to call “Shoe Shopping Marathon!!!!” WWHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!! (It amazes me how girly I’ve become in the past couple of years.)