The Constant Victim

The constant victim lives to suffer
For every gain is counted a loss
And for every blessing is noted a curse
Their friends are enemies that scheme
And enemies are those who may differ
Your fortitude is a threat
And they are menaced by your ego
For they are the center of the world
The focus of misery and pain
Why me and what have I done?
It is their cry of despair when all’s wrong
They live for regret
And they think in reverse
What is forward can only be worse
They have drowned out their soul
And envy bedevils their spirit
They pine for another’s possessions
Neglecting their own gratefulness
Pity will cushion their senses
But pity wears thin and too short
Oh no, they’re never mistaken
For only you can make the mistakes
And only you misunderstand

Posted 27th September 2010 by Pithom

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